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Wedding Invitation And Booking
Indian Wedding Vivah Invitation Cards

• Indian Weddings are lavish affairs and everything needs to be just perfect for the wedding. To achieve this perfection, there is a lot of planning and preparation that is needed. One of the most important parts of the preparation at any wedding is the invitation card. The Indian Wedding Invitation Cards are made only after careful selection of a beautiful design. Centuries ago, the kings would agree to attend a marriage only if the invitation card was well designed and beautifully worded.

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Though the trend has changed, Indian Wedding Invitation Cards are still given a lot of importance. There was a time when invitation cards were made at home. However, this idea may seem a little impractical today, and thus the invitation cards for weddings can be ordered. However, even while ordering the design for the Vivah invitation card should be carefully selected. According to some Indian cultures, a well designed invitation card makes the wedding memorable.

There are several types of Indian Wedding Vivah Invitation Cards. These are mainly differentiated on the basis of the language that is used in them and their design. Apart from this, differences in Indian Wedding Invitation Cards can also be established on the type of wedding that the card is prepared for. The basic types of Indian Wedding Invitation Cards are All Hindu Wedding Vivah Invitations, Sikh Wedding Vivah Invitations, Jain & Aggrawal Wedding Vivah Invitations, Hindu Jat & Yadav & Rajput Wedding Vivah Invitations, and Hindu Panjabi & Brahmin Wedding Vivah Invitations.


No matter what type the Indian Wedding Vivah Invitation Cards may be, it is considered essential that the cards express the personality and culture of both the bride and the groom. Thus, it is essential that the right design and color be chosen for the invitation card. You could avail of our services, designed to help you choose the right invitation cards.

All Hindu Wedding Vivah Invitations

Hindu Wedding Invitations are specially made for the occasion of a Hindu Marriage and are detailed with the complete information of different ceremonies that are to be held during the course of the wedding. Depicting a complete journey of a marriage on them or simply done with beautiful designs, All Hindu Marriage Vivah Invitations are indeed very beautiful.

www.vivahplanners.com is here to help you out with the details of the All Hindu Wedding Vivah Invitations.


Available in heart warming patterns, the All Hindu Marriage Invitations can be as colorful as one’s imagination. The cards are laid out with every possible detail of all the important ceremonies, their timings and the locations as well. This is done to help the guests to chalk out their schedules and reach the venues without any difficulty. Available in various colors and sizes Hindu Marriage Invitations also provide the names of the bride’s and the groom’s parents and their respective places of residence. The names of the hosts are another important detail that is mentioned in the invitations.

The cards are usually made of art sheet or any other decorative material. A striking feature of Hindu Marriage Invitations is that usually the cards have a religious sign embossed on them. The sign may be of Lord Ganesha, or the religious symbol ‘Om’ or a pot with mango leaves. All of these symbolize a good Omen and a harmonious beginning. Marriage Invitations of the Bengalis also have a butterfly, a symbol of marriage itself. Another popular symbol is that of a baraat, a marriage entourage. Another good omen that is seen on the invitations is the mark of turmeric and vermilion (haldi and kumkum) with some grains of rice fixed upon it.


Nowadays, people send separate cards for separate ceremonies that are to be held during the wedding ceremony. However, it depends entirely upon the choice and budget of a person. Invitations are also decorated with stones, zaris, and laces to add to the look Sikh Wedding Vivah Invitations

One glance at the Sikh Wedding Invitations fills the heart with respect towards the Sikh religion as the cards proudly uphold the symbol of ‘Ek Onkar’. It is not a compulsion among the Sikhs to emboss the religious sign but to show one’s respect and gratitude towards one’s religion, people often emboss their religious symbols over the cards and same is the case with the Sikh Wedding Invitations. It is also, in a way, a gesture to take blessings from the ‘guru’ to carry on the wedding smoothly.

www.vivahplanners.com is here to give you an insight of the Sikh Wedding Vivah Invitations


Sikh Wedding Vivah Invitations can be for different occasions. So, there is a separate card for Mehendi, Sangeet or dance party, wedding, reception and also for showing one’s gratitude by giving out a thank you card. However, it is not a compulsion to have a separate card for separate occasions as one might not be able to afford it. The Mehendi cards have either Mehendi designs or show off hand that look beautiful with the reddish brown color of Mehendi.

Sikh Wedding Invitations for sangeet have the imprints of people clad in ethnic punjabi dresses dancing away to the beats of a bhangara song. When it comes up to the wedding, the popular choices are the religious symbol with hymns from the religious texts. This is a way of getting blessings from the ‘guru’ without whom a Sikh wedding is incomplete. Last among the Sikh Wedding Invitations are those of the Reception. There is no such particular detail that has to be given out on this particular category. People try to make it a general one with the ‘Pipal’ leaf fossil or with any other sign or design of their own choice


Getting different cards for different occasions is the latest trend as one is able to give complete details of the particular occasion and at the same time it gives them a chance to decorate each one with a different symbol or hymn that is religious. Jain Wedding Vivah Invitations

The Jain Wedding Invitations comprise of various traditional symbols and designs. These are typically figures of Mahavir and a symbol containing a palm, Swastika and some curves. The other symbols that are carved on the invitation card are portraits of a bride or bride and groom, Havana place, musicians in the wedding and picture of a Baraat. These are beautifully designed cards which transfer the message from the hosts of the weddings to the guests.

www.vivahplanners.com is here to guide you about the details of the Jain Wedding Vivah Invitations.


The Jain Wedding Vivah Invitations are the examples of beautiful invitation cards. The cards are created specially on demand of the invitee. The Jain Wedding Vivah Invitations hold a special meaning and feeling to it.

One can see the invitation cards with lots of colors on it. Some of the Jain Wedding Invitations comprise of the design of a “Baarat” on it. The front page of the card is decorated with multiple colors like red, violet, orange and golden. This makes it a royal invitation. The pages inside it are light colored for the details about the wedding venue, time date etc.

Sometimes Jain Wedding Vivah Invitations reflect the idea of simplicity. The front page is colored in single tone such as red, orange or maroon. Small golden borders are provided on this background. No design is impressed on the front or inner page. Though the design is simple, the cards look elegant.

Jain Wedding Vivah Invitations are truly the combination of the simplicity and royal look. The royal cards are expensive, but grab the attention of the invited person. A card with purple colored front and lots of silver colored design on it is sure an eye catcher. These kinds of royal cards have two folds one having a traditional symbol on it while other housing the detail about the marriage.


The Jain Wedding Vivah Invitations reflect the love and emotions of the hosts. Be it a royal or a simple card the invitation reaches to the heart of the invited person.

Your wedding invitations set the tone for your event and offer a peek at the festivities to come

The Right Note
Your invitations are the first statement you make about the big event. And there's so much that needs to be communicated in the little note. The language you use -- not to mention the style of script and paper color -- hints at the wedding's level of formality, informing guests what to expect and to wear.

Phrasing invitations is no simple task. But just remember that the primary goal of wedding invitations is to inform guests the who, what, where, and when of your wedding - so make sure to keep the vital information organized.

Tips & Tricks
1. If you're wedding date is months ahead, meet the printers at least four months earlier. Begin work on the guest list/ address records 3 months earlier. Make sure you have all the pin codes and telephone numbers. That would ensure the posts/ courier reach promptly. So you're set to send the invites 45 days before the Big Day.

2. Be 100 percent positive of all locations and function timings by the time you place your order -- any last-minute changes will cost you.

3. If you're trying to save, keep it simple. Top-of-the-line papers, colored ink, and custom designing will jack up the price. So will decorative envelope linings and multiple enclosures. Bulky or oversize styles will additionally jack up your despatch costs.

4. Has a poem or quote always had special meaning for you? Why not use it in your invitation wording? Whether it is a spiritual passage, a proverb or saying that means something to you, or a quote from a significant figure in your life, chances are the words will also touch your guests.

5. Cards requiring physical fold, enclosures or wrap-around would mean extra handling work for you and your family too.

6. Instead of building map cards or writing detailed driving directions, set up your free wedding webpage, mention all the driving directions on the webpage, and print your webpage url on the invitation card.

7. PROOF IT- Very important. Make sure you and at least 3 other attentive souls carefully review, double-check the date, just to be on the safe side!


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