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Indian Vivah Bride And Groom Wedding Tips

Indian Vivah Bride
Wedding is one of the precious events in the life of an Indian Vivah bride. The only thing that she wishes for is that everything takes place smoothly on the main day. Not only this, but she also wants to look her best on this day. This would mean that everything from her dress to her make up would be just right. Looking good ultimately leads to feeling good. Everything that the bride wears on this day, must suit her personality and liking.

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Types of Indian Vivah Bride

Since, it is essential that everything the bride wears suits her well, there are several preparations that need to be taken care of. These preparations for the Indian Vivah bride include buying the right dress, buying appropriate jewelry, getting the accessories in place and taking good care of one’s hair and skin.

Apart from these, there are several other things that are used to groom the Indian Vivah bride and make her look as pretty as ever. These include Vivah Bridal Mehendi, Vivah Bridal Bangles,Vivah Bridal Handbags and Purses, Vivah Bridal Shoes, Vivah Bridal Ethnic Wear,Vivah Bridal Make-Up,Vivah Bridal Accessories,Vivah Bridal Skin Care, Vivah Bridal Hair Care, Vivah Bridal Jewelry and Bridal Saris. While choosing these, it is important that the bride’s personality and choice is kept in mind. It is important that all these things are used in the right manner to make the Indian Vivah bride look elegant.

Special Vivah features

All these can be availed in any of the Pre-wedding Bridal Package. You could also avail of the other facilities that are offered to make the Indian Vivah bride look as beautiful and charming as possible. The facilities and services have been designed keeping in mind the latest trends.

Indian Vivah Bride

• Vivah Bridal Accessories
• Vivah Bridal Ethnic Wear
• Pre wedding Vivah bridal package
• Vivah Bridal Skin Care
• Vivah Bridal bangles
• Vivah Bridal Make-Up
• Vivah Bridal Hair Care
• Vivah Bridal Jewelry
• Vivah Bridal Saris
• Vivah Bridal shoes
• Vivah Bridal Handbags and Purses
• Vivah Bridal Mehendi
Vivah Bridal Accessories


It is important to get all the types of bridal accessories in her trousseau. The quantity and the quality depend upon the buyer. The accessories are a must as any garment in the trousseau is incomplete without them. One should be careful while buying bridal accessories so that they match with the dresses in the trousseau. The basic accessories are shoes, bags (purses or handbags) and of course jewellery.

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Types of Vivah Bridal Accessories

First and foremost are the shoes. Various options are available in the market to choose from. But the most important feature, which is often neglected, is the comfort. Designer shoes are available with small or high heels, which are beautifully decorated with beads, stones or colorful straps. Nowadays, platform’s and flat heels are in vogue. They can also be found in geometrical designs. The next bridal accessories are the bags. Crochet bags or knitted bags workout well with the bridal dress. The other types of bridal bags are long, strapped ones, small sleek ones or just stylish depending upon the taste. It would be better to get bags of neutral colors so that they match with the dresses. Bridal accessories are incomplete without the jewellery. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, amulets, kamarbandhs, anklets, nosepins, maangtikas, finger rings pendants, etc are the different types of Indian jewellery that a bride can purchase.

Special Vivah features

Ladies love wearing diamonds and they are an essential part of the Vivah bridal accessories. Similarly in shoes silver stilettos are the latest trend. Leather, jute and cloth bags embellished with stones are finding their way in to a bride’s trousseau nowadays.

Vivah Bridal Ethnic Wear


A bride’s trousseau is more than often made up of ethnic wear. It is very rare to find western clothes, though exceptions are always there. Bridal ethnic wear constitutes of saris, lehengas and suits. All of them come in a large variety which is rather difficult to choose from.

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Types of Vivah Bridal Ethnic Wear

Saris are an essential part of the Vivah Bridal Ethnic Wear. Saris can be found in different colors, types, materials, embroideries, etc. Silk Saris or Kanjivarams are a popular choice and are found in every girl’s wardrobe. Saris can also be found depending on the season or genre like contemporary, traditional or designer. Lehengas are a part of the Bridal Ethnic Wear. They come in different forms like shararas, lanchas and ghagra-chunnis. The lehengas can be embroidered or printed. They can also be found in different materials and colors. Shararas are famous in the Muslim community whereas the lanchas are with the Punjabis. However, nowadays every bride has one or the other type of lehenga as the Bridal Ethnic Wear. Salwar kameez is also a part of ethnic wear. These can also be found in every color and style that is desired.

Each community has its own Bridal wear style. The Maharastrians wear a Paithani sari and the Kashmiri brides wear tight trousers with heavy kurtas. South Indian brides dress up in heavy Kanjivaram sarees. Punjabi brides wear either sarees or lehangas but a phulkari work shawl is a must. The Bengalis often opt for Benarasi silk.

Special Vivah features

Nowadays, modern forms of Vivah Bridal Ethnic Wear have evolved. Saris can be double in the length, as the double drape sarees, or ready to wear. One can find divided lehengas or lehengas with parallels or churidars along with a skirt. All types of experimentations are also done with the salwar kameezes and the results are beautiful dresses. Pre wedding Vivah bridal package Overview

Wedding celebrations are elaborate in matter and have a lot of preparations that one needs to do. The bride gets busy in organizing for the wedding that one hardly cares for anything else. One forgets to eat meals at proper times and also the sleep is hampered. Thus, it is necessary to take proper care of health, skin, and hair during wedding days. Pre wedding bridal packages are made available in order to pamper the skin and take care. Pre wedding bridal packages are extremely beneficial.

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The pre wedding Vivah bridal package includes various elements to prepare the bride for a good state of mind. A facial scrub could be helpful for removal of dirt and keeping the skin clean. This would one’s skin to look smooth and fresh. A toner could help tightening the pores of the skin and also helps refining of skin. The moisturizers help in keeping the skin smooth and keep away the dryness. Night moisturizers are very important as it helps replenishing and hydrating while one is asleep. If this simple routine of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing is followed regularly one would feel changes in skin within few days.

Special Vivah features

One could also go for special pre wedding Vivah bridal packages that are available with various discounts. If one is getting nine package deals one may get the tenth one for free, such beneficial deals are attracting brides. In addition to the pre wedding bridal skin care packages, one could go for hair treatments before wedding that are provided by various parlors. These pre wedding Vivah bridal packages include various hair treatments also Vivah Bridal Skin Care


One the most important day for the girl is her wedding day. This is the day when she wants to look her best. For the good looks, a proper bridal skin care program must be followed. In the hustle bustle of wedding preparations, the bride may tend to neglect her health. Food and sleep are paid less attention in these pre-wedding days. Hence in order to look and feel fresh, the bridal skin care should be paid much attention. After this basic care, other treatments should be experimented.

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Types of Vivah Bridal Skin Care

Bridal skin care involves numerous precautions to be taken. Proper intake of food on regular intervals and adequate sleep helps in enhancing the glow of bridal skin. If the skin seems to be dried out, the reason can be dehydration of skin. To make the skin look fabulous, drink lots of water, put on moisturizing cream with water base for 3-4 times a day. Girls having oily skin can wash the face with some light face wash. Usually this kind of face wash contains glycerin. Avoid soap on face as it washes away the essential oils from the face along with the dirt. It is much obvious thing that bride tends to eat lots of oily, fried, sweets and salty food during her wedding days. But one should try to stay light on this stuff for the sake of complementing bridal skin care techniques.

Along with these basic things, the bride can undergo the following skin treatments as well to enhance the process of bridal skin care. Acne treatment helps to open the pores of skin. This reduces the possibility of having pimples and acne on face. The acne treatment also comprises of fine lines, black heads treatment, white heads treatment, pigmentation, open pores treatment.

To hide the hair on face, bleaching is the best way. Choose a skin colored bleach cream for the treatment. Remove the unwanted hair from upper lips and eyebrows by threading. After this, facial treatment should be done on the face. This will carry out three effects such as cleansing, moisturizing and tightening. Other treatments like Aromatherapy and herbal treatments can also be carried out.

Special Vivah features

All these treatments will make the skin look more vibrant and beautiful. These treatments should be done before the wedding days. So that if the treatment goes wrong there can be done something to undo it before the wedding day. Also before carrying out any chemical treatments, skin sensitivity should be considered. If everything goes well, the bride will catch everyone’s eyes with all her beauty and elegant looks. Vivah Bridal Bangles>


Bridal Vivah bangles are an important element in the fashion armory of Indian women. Bridal bangles are essential in a bride’s treasure chest of ornaments. When an Indian woman gets married it is imperative she wears certain ornaments, and bangles are an integral part.

Bridal bangles are an essential part of Indian weddings. Bangles are usually worn in pairs. One or more on each hand is worn and thus, a single bangle is rarely sold. In many Indian communities the amount and quality of bangles worn by the bride is a barometer for the families pride and prestige. In the marriages of traditional communities, a lot of care is given to the bangles worn by the bride. The bridal bangles signify the status of the families involved.

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Types of Vivah Bridal Bangles

Bridal bangles are made of numerous precious or non-precious materials such as gold, silver, platinum, glass, wood, ferrous materials and plastic. Indian women prefer wearing either gold or glass bangles or both in combination. At traditional events like marriages, engagements and anniversaries women wear gold or silver bangles. The rich normally wear bangles studded with diamonds. These days some bridal bangles are specially designed for the bride keeping in with the families’ specific traditions.

Gold bangles are popular among many Indian brides. They range from plain and simple to extremely artistic and complex. They are often studded with precious stones like diamonds, gems and pearls.

Special Vivah features

These days with modernization touching every aspect of our lives, even Vivah bridal bangles are feeling the heat. Heavy bangles or traditional bangles of iron and steel are losing popularity. More and more Indian women are trying out lighter material. Bangles made of glass are the popular still but Vivah bridal bangles made of plastic are picking up sales Vivah Bridal Make-Up Overview

There are a lot of activities done before the wedding day where the Vivah bride attends pre wedding ceremonies like engagements, mehendi, music functions and many more which require much of bridal make-up. A perfect make-up in the wedding ceremony will need perfect skin. So to have good skin there are a few things that should be done before the wedding day. Bridal make-up is also the most important part in the Indian wedding ceremony as it speaks of the Indian traditions and rituals. Vivah Bridal make-up also differs with tradition of the region and the attire of the bride.

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Types of Vivah Bridal Make-Up

Face is the most important part of the Vivah bridal make-up that needs to be carefully looked into. There are different types of Vivah bridal make-up that include light make up and heavy make up. Light make up is usually done before the wedding ceremony when the bride has to take part in many pre-wedding ceremonies. In some of the Indian traditions pre-wedding ceremonies are a long process that includes nearly 7 to 10 days where the bride is only given a light make up.

A heavy bridal make-up is usually done on the main wedding day. The face, eyes, lips and the neck are just done the right way perfectly matching to the bridal costumes. The jewelry also matters a lot with the bridal make up part that speaks of rituals and customs of the region.

Special Vivah features

Considering Vivah bridal make-up as the most important part for the bride on her wedding there are a number of places that you should specially concentrate. The make up effect that you give to the bride should make her special from the others and so you should be careful in choosing light or heavy make up for the bride. There are a lot of modern trends out in the market that are designed with special effects for any type of skin and colour.

Vivah Bridal Hair Care


A bad hair day on your wedding date is a sure shot recipe for disaster. Hair texture, strength and smoothness are often hereditary; however with a balanced diet and proper care one can inject life into the dullest of hair. Bridal Hair Care is of utmost importance if one doesn’t want to turn up for the wedding looking like a mess.

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Types of Vivah Bridal Hair Care

Grooming for the hair should ideally start around two weeks before the wedding. The important thing to note in Bridal Hair Care is not to do anything drastic a week before the wedding. Rushed decisions rarely work out, even so when one is in a nervous and excited mindset. Bridal Hair Care is not always about cleansing fluids and chemical leave on’s. One must drink plenty of water and load up on vitamins at least 6-8 weeks before the wedding for getting the shine back on those locks. Water washes away the toxins that rob you of energy which leaves your hair dull and lifeless. Cleanse your hair with mild shampoos and apply an herbal conditioner which opens up scales and provide deep nourishment to the roots.

Bridal Hair Care includes spa treatments such as hot oil massage and aroma therapy which helps the hair to rejuvenate leaving them silky and lustrous. Henna conditioning and coloring has traditionally been an important part of Bridal Health Care but it’s not recommended if you have pre mature graying hairs, as the henna lends a copperish red hue to grey hair.

Special Vivah features

Nowadays a lot bride is experimenting with colors. The right highlights with 3-4 color weaves can really light up a face. It is best to stick to sober colors like burgundy and dark hues of red. Brighter shades of red and blonde streaks go well with fair skin but are best avoided especially so if the guests don’t share your passion for extremes.

Vivah Bridal Jewelry


One of the most important aspects of wedding ceremony is bridal jewelry. Be it a pendant set or a necklace set, rings, bangles, earrings or bracelets, wedding jewelry is the most important part of life in any Indian women. Bridal jewelry can be from gold, silver platinum or diamond and the jewelry depend on your taste and budget.

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Types of Vivah Bridal Jewelry

The bridal jewelry includes Maangtika, Necklace, Nose Ring, Earrings, Bangles, Waistband, Toe rings and Anklets. The Maangtika is the center parting jewelry of a bride that usually comes in different colours and styles of diamonds and gemstones like pearls. Choosing of earrings depend on the style and colour of trousseau. You can choose gold earrings if the bridal garments are of gaudy shade like copper brown or radish maroon.

The traditional called “Nath” or the nose ring should be chosen so that is matches the earrings. The most eye catching bridal jewelry is the necklace. A perfect necklace would be in sync with the nose ring and earrings and also match the attire. Choosing the bangles should be done carefully as they are the symbol of Indian tradition. Armbands can be worn for a sleeveless cut sari where as the colour and the style should match your outfit. The wedding ring is the most important part of bridal jewelry and gold ring would perfectly match an ethnic look. A slim figure can highlight a waist band that can be worn on a sari and also lehenga. Bridal foot jewelry also matters that give you a chic look.

Special Vivah features

As bridal jewelry is considered as the most important aspect in Indian wedding, there are various modern trends in jewelry coming to add style to the wedding. Always be careful in choosing your jewelry to match your attire as they would highlight you from the crowd.

Vivah Bridal Saris


Vivah Bridal saris are an integral par of a bride’s wardrobe. Brides are attracted to the six yard saris which are considered as the essence of a woman. Bridal Saris can be bought based on different priorities like fabric, look contemporary, traditional, work, season, type (south Indian), color or price.

IndiaWeddingPlanner.com is here to guide you with the various categories of Bridal Saris and their details.

Types of Vivah Bridal Saris

Bridal saris can be bought on the basis of the fabric. The different types of the fabrics available are silk, crepe, faux, georgette, satin, net, cotton and many more. Silk saris again have many categories such as Kanjivarams, Banarasi silk (often an integral part of every bride’s trousseau), Mysore silk and pure silk. The different looks that are available are contemporary, traditional and designer. Embroidered saris also are a part of the bride’s wardrobe. All types of embroidery like zari work, cut work, mirror work, organza, sequins, zardosi, pearl, kasab and kundan are done for the bridal saris.

Pink and red are the colors of the bridal saris. However, nowadays almost all the colors like magenta, maroon, orange, peach, etc are in vogue, of course except black and white. Bridal saris can also be bought according to the season like spring, summer, winter, fall summer, fall winter and fall spring. The cost of the bridal saris depends entirely upon the fancies of the buyer.

Special Vivah features

Nowadays, special types of Vivah bridal saris have come into the market. Double drape saris are quite popular. They are twice the length of the normal sari. Ready to wear saris are also available nowadays.

Vivah Bridal Shoes


Nowadays, Vivah brides wear shoes that aren’t different from those worn regularly in the parties. However, the bridal shoes used from times immemorial are not similar from the ones that are used today. They have a soft cushion and are medium heeled or generally flat. Satin cloth, silk and sequin work give it a different look altogether.

Bridal shoes generally match the outfit the bride wears. If the bride wears a costume of ivory or white color, the color of shoes is cream, pastel or white. The advent of light colored shoes is conspicuous because they can be re-colored to any other darker shade later and worn for any other festive occasions after marriage.

The bridal shoes should be comfortable. The various pre and post-wedding ceremonies require the bride to walk around. Bridal shoes of ballet slipper type are the most comfortable bridal shoes.

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Types of Vivah bridal shoes

There are several bridal shoes especially bridal shoes that can be dyed, Ivory Bridal Shoes, Wide Bridal Shoes, Bridal Flip Shoes and Shoe Cushion. There are several leading designers like Coloriffics, Nina, Touch Ups, Colorful Creations and Dyeables that provide dyeable bridal shoes. In case the dress of the bride is stain bottomed, then shoes that will complement the gown are the stain wedding shoes that can be dyed.

There is a wide variety of Ivory Bridal Shoes like wedding pumps, high heeled sling backs, flats, sandals and pointed toe shoes. Bridal shoes vary in size and height and depending on ones need, one can choose from a wide variety of shoes that are available in the market.

Special Vivah features

Today the trend in bridal shoes is towards bridal shoes with ribbons. These shoes can be laced around the ankles. It is the very style that plays an important part in attracting people and not the material of the shoe make. Vivah Bridal Handbags and Purses


As soon as the date of the marriage is fixed the shopping for the big day starts. The things that are bought while shopping are jewellery, new dresses, watches, bridal purses and handbags and many other gift items.

The bridal handbags and purses are important in their own way as they impart a touch of elegant personality to the bride. Besides serving aesthetic purposes, these items can also fulfill important daily routine activities. Elegant bridal handbags and purses also speak volumes about the personality and social status of the bride.

So, if your wedding date has already been fixed and you are out for shopping then www.vivahplanners.com is here to provide you with all the necessary information and details about bridal handbags and purses.

Types of Bridal Handbags and Purses

The types of bridal handbags and purses are selected according to the personal comfort of the bride:

Satin Drawstring Bridal Purse: This is an elegant and simple purse for a bride to keep the necessary things and to give a get up to her wedding dress on the day of marriage.

Bridal Emergency Kit: There is a bridal emergency kit that she must go for. She can keep items like a lotion, nail polish, nail filer, sewing kit, ibuprofen, bobby pins, acetaminophen, moist towelette, ammonia inhalant, acid relief, bandages and tissues.

Shantung Handbag: This is a handbag and is made up of hand rolled flower on Shantung and ribbons. This also adds an extra flavor to the wedding dress of the bride.

Special Vivah Features

The special feature of a bridal handbag and purse is that it is not like an ordinary handbag or purse. It is more elegant and party like yet it can accommodate all stuffs which are necessary for the bride at the time of her wedding. There are so many things like a tissue, wet towelette, cosmetic items that a bride requires at the wedding. The handbag can also add to the attire of the bride and for keeping the money and other items safely.

Vivah Bridal Mehendi


With the very thought of the Vivah bridal mehendi, one’s minds is filed up with the designs and colors that one gets to see on the palms, hands, legs and feet of the bride. Bridal mehendi forms an integral part of the Hindu marriage customs. The reddish-brown color of the Mehendi is held as auspicious and is supposed to bring good luck to the family of the groom. It is said that darker the color of the Mehendi, better is the relation between the bride and the groom or the bride and her mother-in-law. In many castes, the Mehendi ceremony cannot be carried out if the mother-in law has not applied it on the bride’s palms.

www.vivahplanners.com is here to guide you with the details and the types of Vivah Bridal Mehendi.

Types of Vivah Bridal Mehendi

The lovely red hue of bridal mehendi that we see on a bride’s palms, wrist, arms, feet and legs is brought by applying Mehendi paste with the help of a cone. Many designs and forms of Mehendi are in vogue nowadays, though it was not so in the yester years. Pakistani, Mehendi, Arabic Mehendi, traditional Mehendi are the forms that are done only with the Mehendi paste. Latest trends of bridal mehendi include tattoo Mehendi, chemical Mehendi, stone Mehendi, sparkle Mehendi, etc. In these forms of Mehendi other things such as tattoos, sparkles, stones etc are added with the traditional designs to give a designer look to the Mehendi. Zardosi Mehendi, nail paint Mehendi and poster color Mehendi are also a finding a way into bridal mehendi and are becoming more popular day by day.

Special vivah features

Mehendi is not only special for the bride, but it also adds to the charm of the ambience. In many communities, it is applied on the hands of the groom. No Hindu wedding is complete without the Mehendi.

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