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Vivah Wedding Themes


Everybody wants his or her wedding to be a perfect and outstanding event from others’ weddings. The pre-wedding, the main day and the post wedding celebrations are therefore thoughtfully planned. Various wedding planners opt for various wedding themes. These wedding themes are mostly the fantasy based, romantic, royal or fairytale themes. Now- a-days people are trying out distinctive themes for there marriages. These wedding themes have a wide variety ranging from the traditional to ultra modern.

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As mentioned earlier, the wedding themes range from the typical traditional forms to the latest trends in the Indian society. Basically the wedding themes are planned according to the venue and budget. Themes like royal, fantasy or romantic need a higher budget. Since these themes require a lot of detailed decoration, so that the guests will recognize the theme, the budget has to be higher. The venue of the wedding also plays the major part in the wedding themes. Decoration in a wedding hall is easier than decoration in an open ground. For the open ground the decoration mainly consists of numerous columns and pillars with elaborated lighting and décor. Hence wedding themes in such open venues turn out to be very expensive.

The wedding themes start from the home. Some pre-wedding ceremonies take place at the home of bride and groom. Hence the wedding theme is reflected in the home décor also. The rituals like Mehendi, Tilak, Sangeet and Puja are very important in any Indian wedding. Hence the theme is planed so that these rituals are also enhanced.

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In any Indian wedding theme, the accessories are chosen very precisely. Indians like bright colors like red, orange, golden, maroon and violet. Hence the wedding themes also consist of these colors. One can see the beautiful drapes in these colors accompanied with some sober and light colors like light blue, green, yellow and pink. The drapes with such colors always look awesome. The flowers have always made a fine entry in any kind of wedding theme. Varieties like marigold, carnations, gerberas, orchids and roses make the theme look more enchanting with their sweet presence. Various other accessories like carved statues, fountains and lights elaborate the wedding theme in a proper manner.

Welcome to Wedding Themes and More. Are you excited to dive into planning your wedding celebration? I know I was and the wedding ideas were just swirling non-stop through my head!

What wedding colors should we have? What theme wedding shall we choose? Where will we hold the reception, and what types of decorations are we going to need? Oh, and we mustn't forget to organize the wedding menu!

There are a million questions and thoughts that will spin in and out of your mind over the next several months. The most important ones will be answered as you get right into the nitty-gritty part of organizing your wedding.

However, first and foremost, you should decide on what type of wedding theme best suits your personalities. Too many engaged couples jump into the main planning stages without knowing what they want, then end up having to back track and re-do many of their initial choices. Play it smart and pick your wedding theme first.

Perhaps you're looking for something soft and romantic or maybe more formal and sophisticated?

Historical themes are a great choice for history buffs... or those couples looking to recapture the fairy tale romantic chivalry of long ago. From ancient Rome to the fascinating Medieval ages through to the Victorian era, and right on into the twentieth century, there's a lot of ideas to pick from.

Garden themes and outdoor weddings are very popular, as are celebrations based around a favorite flower.

Choosing to work around a themed wedding will help pull together your bridal favors, decorations, food and menu, location choices, and so many other critical wedding details. Once you know what that theme will be, you can begin focusing on exactly what you'll need. This will save you both time, and money, in the long run.

So take your time browsing through this site. There are many wedding themes that are sure to spark your imagination with possibilities. And don't forget to visit our Wedding Gazette BlogWedding Gazette Blog for other wedding tips, tricks and ideas.

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