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Wedding : Fusion Of Tradition

What are a Vivah Wedding Planner's Responsibilities?

Indian Wedding Vivah Traditions


Weddings in India are celebrated in a very extravagant manner. Weddings hold great importance in one’s life. As they are the sanctified events they are taken very seriously. The sanctity of the weddings in India is maintained through the rituals and traditions that are followed during the weddings. The Indian Wedding Traditions may be performed with great seriousness, but these also add charm and elegance to the weddings. The Indian Wedding Traditions usually consist of rituals and ceremonies that are entertaining and thus make the wedding really enjoyable.

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Types of Vivah Wedding Traditions

The Indian Wedding Traditions vary, depending on the culture, religion and region from where the bride and the groom come. However, in most Indian Weddings, irrespective of religion or culture, the basic ceremonies remain the same. For instance, before the wedding ceremony there is an engagement ceremony that takes place. This may be followed by a Mehendi or a Sangeet ceremony. These ceremonies are fun filled and are usually accompanied with music and dance. The main wedding ceremony, however, is when the actual celebration begins.

Indian Wedding Traditions mainly include three ceremonies which are “The Barat”, “The Feast” and “The Games”. The Barat marks the entry of the groom at the venue of the wedding. The Wedding Feast also sets the standards for judging how well the ceremony was arranged. Thus, the feasts in Indian Weddings are elaborate. The games are usually included in the post – wedding Vivah ceremony.

Special Vivah Features

The Indian Wedding Vivah Traditions only add to the charm and glamour of the wedding. They help keep both the parties entertained and thus transform the event into a celebration of sorts. These traditions have been followed for years together and usually accompanied by music, dance and enthusiasm.

Indian Wedding Vivah Traditions

• Indian Wedding Vivah Feast
• Indian Wedding Vivah Games
• Indian Wedding Vivah Barat
Indian Wedding Vivah Feast


Food is an integral part of every special occasion in one’s life. Weddings are no different. Indian Vivah weddings are mostly about fun, frolic and tradition. This merry making is incomplete without good, lip smacking food. Food is served in different styles in Indian weddings, mainly depending on the region the couple is from. India is a land of varied cultures and this has a direct impact on the food. For weddings, special food is prepared. One cannot enjoy the complete experience of an Indian wedding without the Indian Vivah Wedding Feast.

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Types of Wedding Vivah Feast

Festivals and feasts go hand in hand. Weddings are no less than festivals in India. The food served at the wedding, depends to a great extent on the region the wedding is held in. Just like the rituals followed in the weddings in India differ depending on culture and region, so does the food. For instance, the food served in a Maharashtrian wedding consists of delicacies based on coconut gravy. The Indian Wedding Feast differs in terms of vegetarian and non-vegetarian depending on the traditions of the groom and the bride. The cooks use all their culinary skills to prepare these special meals.

Special Vivah Features

At times, the wedding is rated on the basis of the standard, quality and taste of the food that was served. In early times, each guest was served individually, however, in today’s times the buffet system is quite popular at most of the weddings. However, it’s true that, one cannot enjoy the complete experience of an Indian wedding without the Indian Wedding Feast. Indian Wedding Vivah Games


During yesteryears, Indians couples were not allowed to meet prior to their wedding. Hence, Indian wedding games evolved during the wedding time, to break the ice between the newly weds and especially between the bride and her new family. These traditional games are practiced till date in almost every Indian wedding. These Indian Wedding Games are responsible to create a sense of unity and understanding between couples also the family members of the couples. These games help the newly wed couple to adjust and settle down in the new surroundings.

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Types of Wedding Vivah Games

There are different types of Indian wedding Games like- Hiding the Shoes, Pillow Talk, Fishing the Ring, Knotted String and at times the Kissing Game. Hiding the Shoes is a game or more of a prank that is played by groom’s sisters-in-law on him. As soon as groom removes his shoes before sitting in the marriage mandap, his sister-in-law hide the shoes. After the marriage, the sister in law demands an exorbitant amount from groom to give back the shoes. It is a prank in which negotiation and bargaining takes place between groom and his sister-in-law.

In the Pillow Talk game, the newly wed couple sits back to back and a pillow is held between their shoulders. This game checks the compatibility between couples as they give answers to every question asked by nodding their heads. In Fishing the Rings, the bride and the groom are asked to take off their wedding rings and they are put in a bowl of milk. The couple is asked to find the ring. Whoever finds the ring first wins, and is proclaimed as the person who will rule the roost. In the game called Knotted String, which is used to predict the future relationship of the newly wed couple. In this game, couples try to open the complex knotted by using only one hand.

Special Vivah Features

These Indian Wedding Vivah Games bring in laughter, joy and the true essence of celebration. Some light teasing and mockery is an integrated part of these games which brings the newly weds’ closer to each other. Families of the couple also enjoy the moments and team up together to wish them a bright future ahead.

Vivah Wedding Barat


Indian Weddings are known for their grandeur. Both parties of the ‘Barat’ put in their maximum effort to make the wedding a successful event. Marriage is a combination of different ceremonies and rituals which are joyous and colorful. It is due to these events that the Indian marriage ceremony lasts for so many days time. Friends, family and relatives take part in the ceremony to bless the bride and the groom.

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About Vivah Wedding Barat:

There are several ceremonies and rituals which take place in an Indian wedding ceremony. An event, in which the groom arrives at the venue with his family and relatives, is known as arrival of the ‘Barat’. In an Indian Wedding Barat, there is a procession that includes all the relatives, friends and family members of the groom. They arrive at the venue, dancing and rejoicing. At the entrance they are welcomed by the family of the bride, with great enthusiasm. The Barati’s introduce themselves to the family of the bride, which is known as Milni. The mother of the bride performs a ritual known as Aarti before the groom. It is after this ritual that the members in the Wedding Barat enter the house or the venue.

Special Vivah Features of Barat:

The groom, along with his cousins, siblings, etc, is seated on a white decorated horse as he heads to the wedding venue. The Barati’s usually lead the procession with dance an music. With changing times, nowadays grooms prefer to travel in their luxury car which is decorated, giving it an extravagant look. Fireworks are lit as the Wedding Barat approaches the wedding venue.

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We would require some information in order to plan your Dream Wedding.

Having a dependable and trustworthy wedding planner can ease the planning and decision making of your wedding day, allowing you and your fiance to relax and enjoy your engagement.  The degree to which the planner is involved in your wedding is up to you and your fiance. A wedding planner can help you plan your entire wedding or coordinate certain elements of your wedding day. Coordinators can take on responsibilities including:

Creating an ideal wedding that's customized to your style and needs

Helping to select your venue, color scheme, invitations, food, flowers, arranging the wedding rehearsal, etc.

Helping you stay within your budget and find the best value for your money

Suggesting vendors that will fit your budget, ideas and those that have a history of quality work - wedding coordinators have contacts within the industry, often receiving a much better rate on services

Creating a wedding planning schedule to know which tasks need to be done and when--this can lower the stress level

Expertise on wedding etiquette, so whenever you have a question about what is right they will have the answer

Preparing a wedding day schedule

A wedding is a fusion of Traditions, Emotions, Enthusiasm of relations sanctity and Celebrations associated with Marriages. It is the beginning of an eternal love affair & it is the most important event in one's life apart from Birth, Death and Children!
Marriages, Parties & Events have always been an important part of the Indian way of life. Symbolizing the auspicious merging of two Destinies, in a way it is Grand celebration of life itself. In our culture, a Wedding has always been an occasion for some mega celebrations.
But the last few years has have seen it growing exponentially in its sheer scope and extent. The reasons are not far to seek. Fulled by a formidable spending power and exposure to International lifestyle trends, Indians are getting more and more imaginative when it comes to organising a Wedding, Party or Event.
No more it is a household affair, managed by the Elders, from Wedding Planners to Wedding Stylists, it has traveled a full circle. As an industry, it is one of the fastest growing and is worth a staggering Rs.50,000 Crores and still growing.
As people spend lots of money on Weddings, Parties and Events but they involve their selves in each and every affair in such a way that at the end of the day they feel that they have not seen the wedding of their only Son/Daughter or they have not been able to enjoy the functions. That is why, a Wedding Planner-Co-ordinator is required to make you and your family & friends comfortable. Vivahplanners.com are here to take care of every thing right from Invitation Cards to Honeymoon Destinations, Theme based Weddings, Musical Extravaganzas and formal Parties and we Organise it all. We make you comfortable to enjoy each and every function along with your family, friends and relatives.
A team of our experienced Professionals from different fields visit your place when most of the family members/executives of the company are there to know their priorities. You have to tell us that :
• What is the Occasion? i.e. a Wedding, Theme Party, Event & Shows, Fair & Festivals, Seminars or Conferences, Annual Ball of Corporates, Exhibitions, Cultural Programmes, Theme Parties, Film & Video Shootings, Business Enjoyments, Corporate Lunches, Fashion Shows, Conventions or Product Launches.
• How many functions are there and when? i.e. Engagement, Rocka, Godh, Tikka, Ring Ceremony, Mehandi, Sangeet, Cocktail, Bachelors Party, Wedding, Reception etc and their tentative dates for the same. Is there any Theme or Dress Code of each Function.
• How many Guests will be their in each and every function? Proposed Guests List.
• Where you want to Organise these functions? as lots of people are opting for Destination Weddings or Parties. Do you want to explore Theme Destination Weddings, which are exclusive different and have unique experience i.e. Royal, Beach, Adventure & Himalayan Weddings.
• What is the Budget? i.e. Total Budget of the Wedding, Party or Events also preferences if any of itemised budget.
• Requirements of each and every member of the family. i.e. Priorities if any of all the family members.
After that we plan it out and spread whole of the budget, looking in to the family requirements on :
1. Designer Invitations & Accompaniments.
2. Shopping & Trousseau.
3. Venues & Accommodation.
4. Sets, Themes, Concepts & Decorations.
5. Menu Planning, F & B and Bar Tendering Services.
6. Designers & Accessories.
7.Choreography,Music & Entertainment.
8. Photography : Still & Video.
9. Rentals.
10. Wedding and Hospitality Management & Other allied services.
After getting approval from your end about Plans and Budget. We do Vender Selection, Negotiations, Co-ordination, Supervision, Control & Management of services on your behalf.

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