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Entertainment Options
Your number one wedding planning & online wedding expo website. Our aim is to help you in the planning of your wedding to ensure you have all the right tools and advice, to make it a successful wedding.

The Entertainment Channel
It has a selection of new and exciting Wedding Stories, Celebrity Weddings, Amazing Real Life Weddings, Latest Wedding Fashion trends and plenty of Competitions and Prize Giveaways!

You can also choose your own Wedding Channel on the left to help with all your wedding plans, from Wedding Fashion Designers on the Wedding Fashion Channel, check out The Wedding Photography Channel for the top Wedding Photographers from around Australia, tune into The Wedding Video Channel sit back and relax while you watch amazing Wedding Video Show Reels from Australia's very best Wedding Video Producers!

The Wedding Show TV is an innovative complete Wedding Planning experience to help you choose and source wedding suppliers whilst  enjoying an exciting Internet TV experience! 

The Fashion Channel
The most exciting place on the wedding show, the wedding fashion channel, where you get a front row view of wedding fashion. We cover everything here from wedding gowns, wedding dresses, wedding shoes, wedding fashion accessories & overall latest wedding styles from around the world.

Walking down the aisle is a lot like strutting your way down the catwalk. Everyone is looking at you, cameras are flashing, and jaws are dropping to the flaw. At least they should be. Let's make sure of it.

You'll need a wedding dress that looks amazing on you, the right cut, line and design to make you look and feel beautiful.

Made to measure or off the rack, there's a stunning wedding dress waiting for you.

And the perfect wedding shoes will only enhance the effect of your gorgeous wedding gown.

Weddings aren't just about the bride. There's a handsome and dashing groom inside every man. We'll help you bring him out.

On The Wedding fashion Channel we know that the entire bridal party can look coordinated and stylish.

So tune in for a close up look at the world of  fashion for weddings. Let the show begin!

The Health & Beauty Channel
Llet's be honest. You want to look spectacular on your wedding day. You can use the health and beauty channel to help you achieve the look you desire. After all, it's your wedding day, and all eyes will be on you.

There's a lot to think about. Choosing make up that brings out your best features, a hair-do that not only looks great, but that also lasts from the salon to the honeymoon suite, and nails that look as perfect as the wedding ring.

Maybe you'll need some advice and inspiration to help get yourself into the shape you want to be in on your wedding day.

We're here to help you put it all together, from spa treatments to teeth and tans. Exercise regimes to massage and meditation. We will show you the best wedding make up artists and wedding hair dress designers.

Everything you need to be fit and fabulous on your wedding day is right here on the health and beauty channel.

The Wedding Ceremony Channel
The Wedding Ceremony channel, here you will get the information you need to choose the right ceremony for your big day. You'll find Civil Marriage Celebrants, Ceremony Music and Entertainment options.

If you already know what kind of ceremony you want, then let us show you how to make your special moment unique and unforgettable.

The exchanging of vows is the most sacred aspect of your wedding day. We'll take you through some of the varied options and offer some great hints and tips.

On the Ceremony Channel we will help you find the right Civil Marriage Celebrant for your wedding ceremony supplying you with options covering Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Northern Territory and Tasmania.

Choosing the right Ceremony Music is also a very important factor, so whether it's a traditional ceremony, a beautiful garden wedding or a beach setting, we'll be covering it on the ceremony channel!

The Wedding Reception Channel
The Wedding Reception channel, where you'll find everything you need to organise the wedding reception you want.

After the ceremony it's time to celebrate.

We're here to take the pain out of planning such a big event. There's a wedding venue to choose, catering, music, speeches. It can get a little overwhelming.

So let us help you put it all together and provide you with one or two Wedding Reception ideas.

Whether you have a guest list of eight or eight hundred, the wedding reception channel is here to do the hard work for you, and provide you with all the wedding reception information you can handle.

We'll cover many options and offer you the right advice that will make planning your celebration a piece of cake!

The Wedding Photography Channel
Your wedding album is something you'll take out and look at forever. Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you'll make. It doesn't matter whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Northern Territory or Tasmania, we will provide you with the help you need.

Which is better? Film or digital? A traditional matted album or a Digital album?

Here on the wedding photography channel we want to help unsure that you get it right the first time!

We'll help not only chose the right photographer, but also give you helpful tips and some original ideas to make your photos something special!

The Wedding Video Channel
The Wedding Video channel, where capturing the excitement, action and the emotion of your wedding day is our focus.

Although you won't ever forget your wedding day, it's going to be a lot easier to tell your grand children about it with a great wedding video.

You want your wedding video to be something you'll be proud to take out and show to friends and family.

On The Wedding Video Channel, you'll be shown a wide range of video options from simple family video style to slickly produced and edited mini-movies, we have sourced a complete range of show reels from the very best wedding video producers from Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Northern Territory, Tasmania and New Zealand.

Ultimately you want your wedding video to capture the magic of the day so you will always be able to look at it and be reminded of best day of your life.

Welcome to The Party Channel
The place to come to for help in planning your Bucks and Hens night, engagement party, rehearsal dinner and any other party you might have before or after the wedding itself.

It's such an exciting time, and although you need to keep your focus on the big day, it's important that you give due attention to these other events, as they'll no doubt provide stories you'll be telling for years.

Here you'll find plenty of advice on how to add the party element to any occasion.

Bucks and Hens nights are supposed to be a lot of fun. We'll have a look at some traditional and not so traditional bucks and hens nights options.

Engagement parties and Pre-Wedding showers can all eat into your valuable wedding-planning time and budget.

On the party channel, we can help you organise these get together's so there's no chance you'll run out of steam before the main event.

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