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Flower Decoration And Lighting

Hindu Vivah Wedding Decorations


Weddings in India are elaborate and exquisite affairs. There are several types of weddings in India. The Hindu wedding is one of the most popular wedding types in India. Hindu weddings usually comprise of several ceremonies. This is one of the reasons because of which the Hindu Weddings extend over a span of a week. All the ceremonies in the Hindu weddings are lavish affairs and performed with great zest and zeal. The Hindu Wedding Decorations is one of the most important preparations needed for any Hindu wedding ceremony.

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Types of Hindu Wedding Decorations

Apart from this, the Hindu Wedding Decorations consist of different types of material used in a delicate and intricate manner to create a wonderful effect. Decorations also add a touch of elegance and grace to the ceremony itself, thus making it a more glamorous event.

There are several types of decorations that are used at Hindu Weddings. Some of the Hindu Wedding Decorations include Engagement Decorations, Mandap Decorations, Mehendi Decorations, Sangeet Decorations, Sagan Decorations, Car Decorations and Wedding Stage Decorations. These decorations are basically classified according to the ceremonies in which they are used. The basic materials used in these decorations include various types of flowers and other artistic materials. Various kinds of lighting effects are also used to make the place look more attractive.

Special Vivah Features

It is important that the Hindu Wedding Vivah Decorations used at any wedding ceremony should befit the occasion. Apart from this, there are several other themes that one can think of taking into considerations. People who like the western trends are trying out new ideas about the Vivah decoration in the weddings.

Hindu Wedding Vivah Decorations

Sagan Vivah Decorations
Engagement Vivah Decorations
Mehendi Vivah Decorations
Wedding Vivah Stage Decorations
Sangeet Vivah Decorations
Mandap Vivah Decorations
Car Vivah Decorations

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Wedding decorations play a very big role in setting the tone and mood for the occasion. Rich colorful decorations lend a special touch to the ambience. Mostly Indian wedding decorations consist of flowers. Flowers give a new and fresh dimension to the wedding décor, especially exotic and seasonal flowers lend that extra touch. Also, rich satin sheets are also been increasingly used as wedding decoration accessories these days. Satin sheets add a special glamour to the overall décor to the marriage venue.

The mandap is an important aspect of the wedding decorations. Since this is the place where the marriage is actually solemnized, special care is given towards its decoration. The dining hall is also decorated beautifully. The chairs and the tables are draped in splendid covers, with usually a flower vase kept in the middle of the table. The stage is also decorated beautifully with flowers and satin and is usually well -lit

Mostly decoration is done keeping the color scheme in the mind. The choice of the decorations should reflect the mood of the wedding. Decoration arrangements for this special day should be done in a manner that creates a festive feel and reflects the sacredness and purity of marriage.

Vivah Planner - The Wedding Planner takes care of all your wedding decorations. Whether you want a Hindu wedding or wedding, we would decorate the wedding venue in an appropriate and a classy manner to give a totally unique ambience to the wedding. We specialize in designing exquisite sets for the wedding including floral arrangements.

Vivah Planner - The Wedding Planner is based in Gurgaon, and offers wedding planning services for all of India, with a special focus on Gurgaon .

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